Sifty receives an InnovateUK Smart Grant

Our innovative software has been selected to receive a prestigious InnovateUK award with government backed grant.

Solve bottlenecks at customs clearance in an instant

Increase productivity, ease work force pressures and solve problems before they arise.

A checklist of steps to be completed

At Sifty, we know how time sensitive customs declarations can be.

Our software pre-fills your customs declarations to increase your revenue and productivity.

Win new business by freeing your team from time consuming repetitive tasks.

Sifty increases efficiency, reducing time.
Parcel Sifter

Focus your time on inspecting relevant parcels, Sifty will classify them for you.

For brokers dealing with international parcels: Use Machine Learning to improve your workflow.

Our software will increase your revenue without hiring more people, whilst enabling your existing staff to use their time more effectively.

"I would suggest all customs brokers use Sifty because it's become such a vital tool for our operations. Productivity has increased and we have had highly improved results.

At Carga Aérea, we understand the importance of applying technological innovation to improve our services internationally.

Using Sifty's software has allowed us to achieve this."

Juan Carlos Agüero Gonzalez

Customs Manager, Carga-Aerea


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A Note to Managers

You do not decide to implement AI to boost your KPIs, nor is it a tool to express in a holiday retreat how advanced your team is because they use AI for the company's benefit. AI and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies that should be implemented to achieve a specific objective.
Oscar Morales

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