Pre-fill your
Customs Declarations

We use a combination of historical and present data to pre-fill your customs declaration entries.

A representation on how Sifty connects data

We use a combination of Machine Learning, historical and present data to pre-fill your customs declaration entries.

Depending on the complexity of the merchandise we can now complete a declaration in as little as 30 minutes. It used to take us 3 hours.

Creating a commercial invoice used to be time consuming and tedious.
As Sifty is so straightforward to use, it's now completed in minutes and sent out instantly.

Manuel Alejandro Rendon Morales

Import Account Executive

Sifty help customs brokers pre-fill customs declarations
Accelerate your processes

Pre-fill customs declarations in minutes, not hours.

We extract key data points from your commercial invoices and provide an output file that can be uploaded to your existing software to send customs declarations.

Plug and play

Plug in your data to our Machine Learning solution

We put your data to work to improve your operational performances so your team can focus on the human to human interactions that grow your business.

Sifty can export files to match your existing software requirements
Ease of integration

Enhance existing workflows

Sifty aligns with your current data ecosystem to facilitate collaboration with all stakeholders and deliver seamless processing of your customers goods at the border.

Sistemas CASA is a software provider for customs brokers in Mexico
Synergysoft is a software provider for customs brokers in Colombia
Bytemaster is a software provider for customs brokers in Spain
We scale with you

Our pricing is based on scalable transaction costs.

Our pricing is aligned with industry standards and fees are charged on a scalable transaction basis.

We offer a fully customisable enterprise package configured to our partner's needs with API controls, privacy, security and support built for enterprise teams.

Sifty's pricing adjusts to your own costs, per transaction. As your business grows, our price decreases.

Sifty receives an InnovateUK Smart Grant

Our innovative software has been selected to receive a prestigious InnovateUK award with government backed grant.

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