Sifty's AI Solutions Joins Forces with BT's Infrastructure in CCS Watcher

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Paul McGuinness

Sifty Joins Forces with BT's Infrastructure in CCS Watcher 

In a landmark move for international trade, Sifty's cutting-edge AI joins forces with BritishTelecom's (BT) robust infrastructure to launch the CCS Watcher, a transformative tool in customs and border management.

Solving Complexity

In the wake of Brexit, the complexities of cross-border trade have intensified, spotlighting the need fora transformative solution in customs processes. As a renowned multinational telecom and communications provider, BT has been at the forefront of delivering systems, integration, and infrastructure solutions for international trade.Their legacy in enhancing border solutions sets the stage for this innovative partnership.  

AI Integration

Sifty, a leader in AI and ML technologies, is at the core of this collaboration. Their advanced solutions enhance the CCS Watcher project, ensuring it remains at the technological forefront of international trade. By integrating Sifty's Machine Learning technology, the system can quickly analyse and verify data, reducing manual errors and speeding up clearance times. Sifty employs advanced Machine Learning algorithms tailored for customs and trade data analysis. These algorithms can identify patterns and anomalies that human operators might miss, providing an extra layer of scrutiny and assurance.

Risk Management at Border Control

The CCS Watcher introduces an unprecedented level of risk management in customs processes. This tool identifies and mitigates potential risks and ensures a smoother trade experience for all parties involved. The collaboration also allows for innovative white-label API solutions, enhancing the capabilities of the CCS-UK community. These APIs offer flexibility and adaptability, catering to the diverse needs of the users.

Protection of Sensitive Data

A cornerstone of this partnership is the unwavering commitment to data security. Stringent measures and advanced technologies ensure that sensitive data remains protected, embodying a responsible and secure approach to data handling. Although Sifty's technology will analyse transactional data, measures are in place to ensure that no personal data is accessed or stored by Sifty. This is achieved through strict data governance protocols and the use of white-label APIs that limit data access and use.

"Joining hands with Sifty allows CCS to redefine the future of our customs management business",commented Nick Weaver from BT. 
Oscar Morales from Sifty adds,"Our AI technology, combined with BT's infrastructure, is set to reshape the way trade is conducted." 

This collaboration marks a new chapter in customs and border management. It promises improved efficiency and amore secure, transparent, and user-friendly experience. We look forward to the positive changes this partnership will bring to the global trade community.

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About Sifty

Sifty is a pioneering force in integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning within the logistics and international trade sectors. Renowned for its innovative approach, Sifty specialises in developing advanced AI-driven solutions to tackle complex customs and border process challenges. At the heart of Sifty's mission is a commitment to enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and security across global trade operations.With a focus on continual technological advancement and ethical data practices, Sifty is dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge tools that redefine the standards of trade logistics. By pushing the boundaries of technology, Sifty is transforming industry practices and shaping the future of global commerce.

BT logo source: See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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