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Oscar Morales

All efficiency investments can be lost with a simple complication at customs.

'Tis the season to be jolly and merry. It is also the season for an increase of international parcels at customs. E-commerce has made it possible for anyone connected to the Internet to buy something from anywhere in the world.

Customs brokers who process international parcels work in a challenging environment: high volumes of transactions and low-profit margins. And, to increase their bottom line, it is generally sought to hire more people and thus grow installed capacity.

Human intelligence vs ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI)

Sifty is a UK company focused on creating technology solutions for customs brokers, specifically using the data in each transaction augmented with historical knowledge.

We know that the tasks an AI can perform with minimal human intervention are repetitive and low-cognitive (such as identifying a number within an image).

But it is possible to gain moderate efficiencies at each step. At Sifty, we recommend measuring efficiency in two ways:

  1. The possibility of growing the business without increasing the number of staff.
  2. The decrease in time per day or transaction.

Either of the two should increase the profits of the company.

Machine Learning for customs

We add efficiency to one of the most repetitive processes in customs.

We use historical data to look for patterns and predict a new event. In this way, we make the international parcel review process more efficient.

Parcel Sifter is our Machine Learning product that allows customs operators/brokers to improve their efficiency by up to 50% when inspecting international parcels.

You can increase the profit margin per package from the first day of operation using Sifty. Enable your team with AI to cut efficiency losses in processing international parcels at customs.

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