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Streamlining Customs: The Power of AI and ML in Simplifying Supply Chain Processes

Sifty, a pioneering company in AI and ML applications for customs processes, focuses on enhancing efficiency in international trade. Oscar emphasised the pivotal role of data in the logistics industry, stressing that more shared data leads to improved AI systems. Sifty automates customs tasks, saving time, reducing errors, and striving to become the "operating system of the logistics industry" by fostering a digital ecosystem.

Sifty's core mission is to enhance efficiency in the customs process through software, utilising machine learning and advanced technologies while recognising the indispensable human element. Contrary to fears of job displacement, Oscar highlighted that Sifty requires human collaboration for effective technology utilisation. The use of AI and ML in customs processes, as showcased by Sifty, promises significant benefits for customs brokers and international trade participants, streamlining operations and boosting revenue. Listen to the podcast episode for more insights into Sifty's impactful work in this space.

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